Our goals

Our company was founded to create a variety of software products.  We intend to stay as small as possible while focusing on a single product at a time.

After carefully prioritizing our long list of project ideas, we've decided to first focus on a computer game.  We expect this game will take us several years to implement.  We will share more exciting details as we get close to our Alpha release !

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While many other images of the famous Crab Nebula nebula have focused on the filaments in the outer part of the nebula, this image shows the very heart of the Crab Nebula including the central neutron star — it is the rightmost of the two bright stars near the centre of this image. The rapid motion of the material nearest to the central star is revealed by the subtle rainbow of colours in this time-lapse image, the rainbow effect being due to the movement of material over the time between one image and another.