Our Approach

After many years of building software, we've developed a number of philosophies about how we will go about building our products.  Here are some of our intended methodology:

Ideas, Products, Passion

We love making things, and every day we are reminded of missing products that the world needs.  We have compiled a very long list of products we'd like to create including business products, AI, software technologies, computer games, and entertainment.

Ideas are the easy part, however.  The real challenge is the hard work necessary to bring those ideas to life.  Creating real products takes time, money, sweat and tears.  It would take many lifetimes to create all the products on our list !  We'll first be working on the projects we're most passionate about while trying to stay small.

Company Size

Although we'll need to grow eventually, we plan to stay as small as we can for as long as we can.  Smaller is more fun.  You know everyone, communication is easier, and you can focus better.  Low capital requirements also make it easier to avoid sacrificing quality for schedule.  We plan to outsource when that won't hurt quality.  This also means we'll work on one product at a time.

Product Quality

We want customers to have a great experience when using our products.  They need to be intuitive to use, and bug free.  Automated testing will be integrated into our engineering efforts up front.  We plan to iterate until our products are fantastic and then release them.  Keeping quality high will mean less customers needing to contact our support team, which will help us stay small.

Smart Hard Work

There is a Latin expression "ex nihilo nihil fit", which translates as "nothing comes from nothing".  Working smart is important, and working hard is the backbone of achievement.  We want to do fantastic planning, work hard when it counts, and really relax when it doesn't.  We want to feel the pride of creating an exceptional product, shipping it, making sure it's stable, and then enjoying significant time off to recharge.

Meet the Team

We are starting small with only our founder !


Alec Dun


Alec spent much of his career managing projects and writing software at large companies.  In 2018, he took the exciting step of founding 8 Byte Technology !